Married By Jay

All the Bells & Whistles

Below is inclusive of my fee, unless travel and/or accommodation discussed:

Face to face catch up I'm always up for a G&T

I want to know about the both of you and this is where we do that. I will also tell you a little about me – the main goal is to figure out if we’re all the right fit.

I will have the legally required NOIM with me (Notice of Intended Marriage form), If you can both see me as your celebrant, we can get this ball rolling!

To complete the NOIM together, I need your original birth certificates & License or Passport 

 If either of you have been married before, bring along the original proof of divorce.

The NOIM must be lodged with me, at least 31 days before your wedding date and up to 18 months before

  • We will discuss your ceremony structure, ie: family involved, and bridal party etc.
  • Share your love story! This will be the emphasis on your big day!
  • Two months out from your big day you will receive your lounge room picnic pack, this is where the fun begins
  • Once returned I will draft your customised ceremony.
  • Need help with writing your vows? Absolutely. I can print your vows on palm cards or offer ‘a repeat after me’ scenario. Whatever makes you both feel more comfortable and confident.
  • I am fashion forward and conscious of my wardrobe choice clashing with your styling palette. I want to blend in, not stand out.
  • I like to have another meet about a month out from your big day, as a final iron out on all the small things. At this point you will both have your clear vision.

Note: Emails and phone calls are not limited during our preparation time. My priority is to ensure you are 100% happy with the content of your ceremony.

In the lead up to your wedding:

  • A rehearsal with your bridal party, to run through the logistics.
  • Another quick bit of legal document signing (Declaration of no legal impediment – formally Form 14).

On your wedding day:

  • I will arrive early to set up, meet your photographer and videographer, welcome your family and friends and calm any nerves!
  • I provide my own personal P.A system with stand, microphone and bluetooth ability. I will download your requested ceremonial music and control this on the day.
  • I can provide the signing table and chairs if required.
  • Post wedding, I will offer the commemorative marriage certificate, ceremony script and vow cards, gifted in a presentation folder to peruse over in the years to come.
  • The next business day, I will lodge the administrative documents to Births, Deaths and Marriages to register your marriage!
  • I can offer advice on how to obtain an official marriage certificate, as your commemorative certificate cannot be used for official things like changing your name or applying for a shared Medicare card. Alternatively, for minimal fuss, I can order the official certificate on your behalf for the purchase fee.